21 Favorite Quotes to Inspire You on Your Passioneering Journey

  1. “Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” ~Anthony Robbins
  2. “The beauty of intentions…you can’t often choose your circumstances, but you can always choose your reaction, your attitude, your behavior, and your intention. Nobody can ever take that away from you. It’s one of the gifts we have as human beings.” ~Greg Foster
  3. “There are some bonds that S&P and Moody’s can never de-value.  Bonds of the heart are always AAA-rated.”  ~SZO
  4. “Don’t believe everything you think.” ~bumper sticker
  5. “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” ~Einstein
  6. “Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.” ~Chinese Proverb
  7. “I wish I could have known earlier that you have all the time you’ll need right up to the day you die.” ~William Wiley
  8. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible.’”  ~Audrey Hepburn
  9. “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James
  10. 10. “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” ~Wayne Dyer
  11. “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~Emerson
  12. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman
  13. “Expect to become prosperous; start thinking and speaking in those terms and no other. Remind yourself often that scattered, idle thoughts words and expectations bring scattered, idle, poverty-stricken results. Hitch your mental image of prosperity to the rich start of success and keep it there.” ~Catherine Ponder
  14. “Joy is the best makeup.” ~Anne Lamott
  15. “Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility.” ~Kate Douglas Wiggin
  16.  ”We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.” ~Rabindranath Tagore
  17. “The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success are concentration, discrimination, organization, innovation and communication.”  ~Michael Farady
  18.  “I think all great innovations are built on rejections.” ~Louis Ferdinand Celine
  19. Without the playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.” ~Carl Jung
  20. “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”  ~Albert von Szent-Gyorgy
  21. “The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” ~Edwin H. Land.



Next Gen Passioneers: Time to Shake UP the Entrepreneur Game

Big thanks to Nathalie Lussier for posting an awesome blog on Under30CEO.com:  “How Gen Y Will Leverage the New Economy and Come Our Ahead.”  She calls the next generation into creating its own rules, is hopeful about the future and about entrepreneurship as a solution to current challenges.  It’s so refreshing to hear a young adult touting possibilities and personal responsibility instead of complaining.   Says Nathalie,  “It’s time to change the game and create the new rules of success, and that involves entrepreneurship and personal responsibility.”

That said, as a half-century year old female here in America, I feel it’s my generation’s responsibility to hear, support, and mentor Generation Y and others to come.  After all, we are leaving a pretty messy legacy on this planet, yes?

Nathalie ends the post with a call-to-action for Next Gen entrepreneurs:

“So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been stagnating, it’s time to recognize the great opportunities that are in front of you right now. Right here.”

This is a fantastic call to budding entrepreneurs of ANY age who might be waiting for the “perfect time” to put their ideas into action. Guess what?  There is no perfect time, so NOW is as good a time as any other. Make sense?

Last week I met with a 20-something man (I almost said “boy,” can you believe it?) about his future.  When I asked him about what he wants to create in the world, he lit up and proceeded to tell me about his dream of a global nonprofit.  Then, after a few minutes, he somberly shared how he is struggling to pay off school and other debts, by holding down three jobs.   Of course he can’t think about launching a new business, right?  WRONG!  I challenged him and I challenge anybody to find at least three baby steps each week to move your idea forward.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 15 minutes of competitive analysis or an informational phone call.    Perhaps you could ask someone in your life to be your mentor.  Regardless, those small steps move you forward and fan the flames of entrepreneurship.

As the quote in Nathalie’s blog post states:

“Like every generation yields, the newborn hope unjaded by their years…” -Sarah McLachlan  

My generation’s version:  “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”  ~ Publius Syrus

Stay nimble, open, and willing to be willing.

Happy Passioneering!




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Passioneering Moment #13 : The Completely Unleashed YOU

If you’re like me and most individuals, you spend little if any time during the week dreaming.  In fact, here in the United States, dreaming gets a bad rap because it’s not “productive” or valuable. As rugged individuals and pioneers, most Americans pride themselves on doing and making things happen.  That’s their definition of productivity.  It was my also my definition until a few years ago.  Yet recent global studies on happiness and life satisfaction indicate that Americans are among the least happy individuals on the planet.

So what if you DID spend more time dreaming?  Napoleon Hill said that together, conceiving and believing are the keys to success.  If you want a bigger life, you must hold bigger thoughts AND believe them.  Simple, if not easy, yes?

Below are five questions to take into your upcoming week.  Spend some time in the question “What do I look like completely unleashed?”

(Attached also is a Word document with these questions that you can print up.)

  1. Who would you be and what would you do, if you knew you couldn’t possibly fail, all barriers aside?
  2. What would be present?
  3. What would not be present?
  4. What would you be feeling?
  5. What would you have to give up?

Happy Passioneering!


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Passioneering Picks: Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Scores Bigtime

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring young people from low-income communities to stay in school and to recognize business opportunities, today announced its World Series of Innovation, presented by Microsoft, was selected as a featured event for the 2011 Global Entrepreneurship Week from Nov. 14-20, 2011.

“The World Series of Innovation will bring NFTE’s pioneering experiential education program and vital message about the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in our society to thousands of new young people around the globe,” said Amy Rosen, President and CEO of NFTE. “With the economy still mired in problems, now more than ever NFTE feels an obligation to inspire as many young people as possible to think creatively about their world and seize opportunities to meet market demands and social needs. We are sowing the seeds of the next generation of entrepreneurs every day.”

If you haven’t yet checked out the Global Entrepreneurship Week, do so now!  It’s “the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.”

According to its website, “the initiative kicked off in 2008, launched by former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Carl Schramm, the president and CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Since then, it has grown to 115 countries—with nearly 24,000 partner organizations planning more than 37,000 activities that directly engage more than 7 million people.”

See the video below, and Happy Passioneering!


Click here for full post…

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Next Gen Passioneers: Adina Mangubat

This week’s Next Gen Passioneer is Adina Mangubat, CEO of Spiral Genetics.  Her goal for Spiral Genetics is to transform the medical industry by making it possible to perform large scale DNA research and discovery.   By making medical care personalized, Adina believes that Spiral Genetics will improve quality of life and expand life expectancy.  She hopes that Spiral Genetics is the first in a series of her future endeavors that will make significant positive change.  You can reach her at www.spiralgenetics.com.

“I want to change the world…one company at a time.” ~Adina Mangubat

On Wednesday, September 7th, we’re interviewing Adina on The Passions and Possibilities Network®, at 9am PST.  Dial-in live at (347) 205-9038 or streaming via the website with your comments and questions.  We welcome ‘em!

Adina’s Passioneer Interview

1.    What’s your definition of “passion”? Passion is fuel that powers my drive, ambition and dreams.

2.     Where/how does “paying it forward” fit in your mission? A company is not created by the actions of a handful of people.  What I am doing is made possible by drawing on a huge network of support.  I have been extremely fortunate that I have received amazing support from so many people who have gone before me.  The majority of those people have come from an entrepreneurship community that helps mentor young entrepreneurs, the youngest of which is 14 years old.  It’s an incredible group of people and I’m doing my part by helping mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

3.    Which success factors have been most critical to your success?   Perseverance, Community, Passion and Integrity.

4.    What have been your biggest challenges in leaping into your passions, and how you have addressed them?  Especially as a young adult?  Someone once told me, “your assets are your liabilities and your liabilities are your assets.”  My age falls squarely in the category of asset and liability and reconciling that was challenging.  The bottom line is that I have not been on the earth as long as the vast majority of executives in the business world.

“Someone once told me, “your assets are your liabilities and your liabilities are your assets”

I have less experience and it’s a double-edged sword.  On the positive side, I don’t have clear borders on my world map which separates the ‘possible’ from the ‘impossible’ and so I can dream big without as many assumptions.  On the negative side, I have not traveled these roads before and so I don’t always know what potholes and bumps exist in the road ahead of me. My challenges were first recognizing and embracing both the pros and cons that came with youth and second, understanding how to effectively compensate for the fact that I haven’t done this before and don’t know what challenges may lie ahead.  I’ve overcome the first challenge by putting a lot of time and effort into understanding myself and what fears were rooted in my resistance to my age.  Ultimately, I was able to overcome that challenge when I realized that I didn’t have to know the answer to everything, I just had to know where to look for the answers.  That quickly allowed me to address the second challenge. I recruited a number of more experienced people and asked them to help me navigate the unknown.

5.    What tips do you have for an individual to discover what they really love/their passions? Take the time to know yourself.  Deep introspection is the only way to know and understand what really drives you at the core.  I found that my passion is not any one thing, but a series of experiences that motivate me and can be found in many different forms. I examined the activities that I most enjoyed and asked myself, what is it about this experience that is motivating for me?

6.    What tips do you have for an individual to integrate more of their passions into their life? Push the upper limits of your comfort zone.  It can be scary taking the leap and in many ways it does not require a huge leap to integrate more of your passions into your life.  Just be willing to push yourself and be a little more daring every day.

 ”Just be willing to push yourself and be a little more daring every day. “


Thanks Adina, and Happy Passioneering!

If you or someone you know would make a great Next Gen Passioneer interview, let us know!

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Using Your Entrepreneurial Skills to Succeed Anywhere, Anytime

Just read the excellent article Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just a Business Term Anymore; It’s a Way of Life! by Glenn Llopis on how entrepreneurship is changing the face of business.

Llopis gives a siren call to companies to become much more outward facing – connecting with the markets, customers, and new trends, instead of focusing too much time on analysis and strategic planning.  He notes,  “leadership today requires a ‘get it done’ attitude;  one that reconnects to the front lines and reengages with customers, business partners, end users, and so on.  If your boss is spending time creating Excel spreadsheets and fancy PowerPoint presentations to inspire the team, tell her to get in the game.”

To be honest, I worked in many Corporate environments where Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoints ran the show.  In fact, I used to pride myself on my Microsoft Office acumen!  It’s a different economy these days, and a different ballgame, as I’ve learned in joining the entrepreneur ranks three years ago.

The great news for entrepreneurs is that we already know the value of connection, and we don’t have much time to cogitate over megabytes of data and information.  It also takes courage, drive, and action to succeed as an entrepreneur, qualities that larger companies are beginning to embrace more fully.

The complete article on Forbes.com:



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Passioneering Moment #12: Setting Intentions, Creating Success

I recently watched a powerful video by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks, the authors of How We Choose to Be Happy and featured presenters in one of the highly-recommended Awakening Joy programs.

Foster and Hicks discuss many aspects of setting intentions, especially how we can use them to create what we want in our lives.  The basis of their book was a series of interviews they conducted with happy people from all around the world.  In their research, they found a set of nine common happiness principles, which have held true in their ongoing work as leadership consultants.

Take their happiness survey yourself:  The Happiness Survey

Most importantly, these authors highlight the power of setting your intentions first, before setting your specific goals.

You might be saying,  “I DO set intentions.  I’m going to lose 10 pounds by Christmas and want a new job before New Year’s.  How’s that?”

Well, those are great goals, and they are not intentions.  According to Foster and Hicks, an intention is your attitude, your behavior, your desire to be or do something.  It’s what fuels your actions, attitudes, and behavior.  It’s literally your way of being, and is an active, rather than a passive, choice.  Instead of losing 10 pounds by Christmas, your intention could be to express more health and comfort in your body.

“Each decision we make, each action we take, is born out of an intention.” ~Sharon Salzberg

Unfortunately, most of us have created such deep grooves in our brains over time, that our behaviors are mostly automatic.   We operate as “toasters” – reacting with an automatic response when someone says or does something that we don’t like.  Over time, we start to believe that this automatic way of being is “just how we are” and that there’s no possibility for changing.

What’s your “toaster” way of reacting?

Guess what?  There’s hope!

Below are three tips from Foster and Hicks’ book to support you in being more intentional and happier  in your daily life:

Tip #1:  Set a Moment-to-Moment Intention.  Foster and Hicks suggest various ways of stopping the automatic patterns and choosing again.  For example, you might set a “moment to moment” intention by asking yourself “What’s my best intention in this situation?”  This takes only a few seconds.  Coupled with a few deep breaths, it’s a powerful way to reprogram your mind and become more intentional.

Question: What moment-to-moment intention works best for you?

Tip #2:  Set a Daily Intention.  Most of the happy people whom the authors interviewed have a morning ritual of intention-setting to start their day.  By doing so, you are proactively putting your attention and intention on creating something positive.  Then, when something challenging arises, you are much more able to respond, rather than react to it.

Exercise: What would be possible if you started each day with a powerful intention?  Tomorrow morning, try it out.  It could be as simple as “I intend to help,” as the authors suggest.

Tip #3:  Set Core Intentions for Your Life.  These intentions do not fluctuate over time and speak to how you want to show up in life for yourself and others.  Core intentions are broad and are guides for living.   For example, I’ve set the intention to be a compassionate, authentic person who listens deeply to others.   I have also set the lifelong intention to express greater delight and joy in my life.  When I start my morning with these intentions and remind myself of them throughout the day, I tend to have much more connection, joy, and delight.  Imagine that!

Question:  What core intentions have you set for your life?  What other ones might you set?

Happy Intentional Passioneering!

I’m Sue Zeal Oliver, the Passions & Possibilities coach who supports individuals and groups to vibrantly and prosperously pay it forward to people and the planet, as Passioneers®. I’m on a mission to prove that when you do what you love AND give back, the rest DOES follow. For more information about Passioneer coaching, consulting, and marketing services OR if you’d like to connect with the wisdom of over 350 Passioneers around the globe, check out www.powerleaps.com. Happy Passioneering!

Discovering What Makes Entrepreneurs Tick

I was recently interviewed by the Koyoti LLC team for its entrepreneurship project.   It involves a series of video interviews with entrepreneurs who answer the following  eight questions:

    1. How do you define success?
    2. Where did your inspiration come from?
    3. How did you move from idea to something succeeding in the market?
    4. What would you have done differently?
    5. How did you organize your team?
    6. What makes a great entrepreneur?
    7. What role did education have in your success?
    8. What’s the most important question we didn’t ask?

As you can imagine, the results are insightful and inspiring.  What an awesome project, so check out the Koyoti channel for more interviews.

Happy Passioneering!


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Young Entrepreneurs Share Passioneering Talents in the World

It’s always inspiring to hear about young adult entrepreneurs, isn’t it?   Even more inspiring is to hear about young entrepreneurs who are successfully launching thriving businesses.  The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) recently announced the five winners of its Young Entrepreneur scholarships, including:

  • Dillon Morgan, who creates and sell “fingerboards,” miniature skateboards that you ride with your fingers.  Dillon’s company, Z Shred, sells through websites in 45 states and 15 countries.   Morgan says “You can make or do anything you want—the sky is the limit.”
  • Jared Schlosnagle, who distributes free-range eggs that are free from antibiotics and hormones through Chelsey’s Eggs.
  • Rohit Agrawal, who develops smartphone applications, which have been downloaded by over 300,000 people. 
  • Colton Day, who runs a sustainable farming divison of his family’s Wellington, KS farm.   Day says “I want to find a more sustainable way to farm so I can pass it down to my kids and grandkids.”
  • Jordan Renda, who operates a growing chain of three Jacksonville, FL haunted houses.

Click here for the full list of 2011 NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award Winners. The National Federation of Independent Business is the leading small business association representing small and independent businesses. A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1943, NFIB represents the consensus views of its members in Washington and all 50 state capitals.

Passioneering Moment #11: Walking Your Integrity Talk

This Passioneering Moment is on Integrity

To me, integrity means wholeness, completeness, and simply honoring your word.   Self-development organizations like Landmark Education define integrity as “planning your work and working your plan.”   Bottom line?  It’s about walking your talk.  I notice how often I choose not to honor my word, especially in today’s chaotic lifestyle.  Excuses abound for my not choosing to do so:  “I forgot,” “I didn’t have time,” or “something just came up.”   Notice my emphasis on choosing, which acknowledges that I am not a victim of circumstances, but rather the captain of my life.    Consider the possibility that your word is powerful and creative; that what you say not only impacts your reality, it IS your reality.  Below are three ways to begin immediately to up the ante in your integrity game:

1)  Be on time or early. I choose to honor the platinum rule.  Remember the golden rule, which is about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you?  The platinum rule requires that you treat others as they would like to be treated.   It’s a big difference.  So, even if you don’t mind when someone is late, trust that your own punctuality shows respect and appreciation to others.

2)  Make clear declarations. There is power in declaring that you will do something by a certain time.    It’s easy to allow squishy terms to come out of your mouth, like “maybe,” “if I can,” “I’m going to/will” or “I’ll see.”  Do you use any of these terms?   I still do, although I’m more aware of it!

3)  Follow through.  It is one thing to make a powerful declaration, and quite another to actually fulfill on it.  The most powerful people in the world are masters at declaring and fulfilling.  When you follow through consistently on your commitments and walk your talk, you are letting the universe know that you are proactively creating your life.  Follow-through also engenders trust and respect in your relationships.

An Invitation

Make this a walking-your-talk week!  Declare and write down at least three action steps that you’re taking to create something extraordinary in an important area of your life: relationships, career, health, finances, being on time, etc.  Bonus points for agreeing, with three individuals, to be accountable for completing these three steps.


For more information about Passioneer coaching, consulting,  the charitable non-profit, or if you’d like to connect with the wisdom of over 350 Passioneers around the globe, check out www.passionsandpossibilities.com or subscribe to the bi-weekly PassionBlasts.   Happy Passioneering!

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Radio Interview with Passioneer® Karen Drucker, Recording Artist

We recently had the honor to interview Karen Drucker, a gifted singer & songwriter who travels around the country performing and speaking at conferences, retreats, churches, concerts, workshops, and her own spiritual retreats. She has created 13 CDs and has worked with such inspirational authors as Joan Borysenko, Mary Manin Morrissey, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Alan Cohen, SARK, and have been honored to receive an honorary doctorate from the United Centers for Spiritual Living.  You can reach her at http://www.karendrucker.com. If you or someone you know would make a great Passioneering guest, please let us know!

Below are the archived show and highlights:

Radio Interview Highlights

  • Taking action is critical: Having a “by” in front of your name is more important than having a BA (or other designation) after it, according to Karen.
  • What you gain from a mundane j.o.b. is what you need to do your dream career, especially if you do the j.ob. with passion.  Karen used to sing at weddings and gained valuable experience and lessons about singing and songwriting in the process.
  • From an early age, Karen learned the importance of making a difference in the world: she garnered support and financing to fix the broken Hollywood Hills sign.  If not her, then who?
  • A caller-in to the radio show expressed his gratitude for how Karen’s music touched him and his mother, who had gone through chemotherapy for cancer treatment.  His story brought Karen and me to tears.  (Thanks Mark!)
  • Karen performs at Seattle Unity this upcoming weekend, June 18-19, for a music symposium and Passions workshop.  More information, see Karen’s website.

Listen to internet radio with Sue Oliver on Blog Talk Radio

Thank you Karen, and Happy Passioneering!

From Your Ugly Duckling Fairy Tale to A Swan’s Song

I love the fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1844.  Here’s the Cliff Notes version.  One spring day, a baby swan is born into a duck family and it’s immediately apparent that he just doesn’t belong: His egg is much larger than the others and after he’s born, he’s physically bigger, more gray, and gangly than his siblings.   His family members and the rest of his community shun and criticize this ugly duckling, so he leaves home in shame.  He then travels around the countryside looking for a home among a variety of other animals and humans, although they all shun and drive him away.  Finally, in the Fall, the ugly duckling arrives at a small pond, where he sees several swan flying across the sky and honking as they depart.  He feels a stirring inside himself as he watches these elegant creatures fly away, unaware that he himself is a swan.  So the ugly duckling remains in the pond throughout the winter, bearing the freezing ice and snow.  When Spring arrives the following year, the migrating swans return to the pond, and the ugly duckling, upon noticing them, bows his head in shame.   Suddenly, he sees his own reflection in the water and finally realizes that he is a swan!

The Ugly Duckling (w/Danny Kaye)


There are many interpretations of this story. To me, it is a calling for each of us to step into our “swanhood,” no matter how often we feel separate, different, ugly, and alone. You probably have had many ugly duckling incidents where you heard different versions of “You don’t belong!” from various characters in your life (e.g., a partner, family member, childhood crush, teacher). If you’re like me, you made those events mean something very negative about yourself (e.g., “I’m a big loser.”).   Perhaps you survived, as I did, by stuffing those ugly duckling stories into an overflowing recycling bin, where they played over and over again.  The situations and characters in my life may have differed, but my starring role never changed. Hmmm.

Take a moment to ask yourself this question:

Question: Where in your life’s journey have you felt rejected, criticized, shunned or alone?

Now ask yourself: What’s the real deal – the T.R.U.T.H.??

Instead of rejecting, resisting, or recycling your ugly duckling stories, there is tremendous power in bringing them to the surface and then releasing them.  Why?  Because they are fairy tales. Here’s the truth of who you are: You were born whole, complete, and perfect; nothing missing, nothing lacking, and nothing wrong.  You are a divine spark that is here to shine brightly and unleash your unique gifts, talents, and creativity in the world as your beautiful swan song.  Since you are a child of the most High, you’ve inherited the queendom and kingdom already, so there’s no waiting line.  There is absolutely nothing you need to be or do to receive your inheritance.  It is grace, and it is your divine nature.  Your purpose and passions came fully funded, orchestrated, and supported by the universe, as you entered this world.  Just as the acorn knows how to be an oak tree, and just as the baby swan has everything it needs to become a swan while in the shell, so too you are fully equipped to experience and express the magnificent you.

Breathe. Isn’t that awesome?

Now, you might be wondering, why, if you came into this world with everything that you need and more, you still feel like an ugly duckling who’s not living the life you love?

Question: “I’m not experiencing the life of my dreams? Why not?”

Answer: You’re buying into the myths that your ego and the world tell you are the truth.  You know, those stories of how you’re not being, doing, or having enough;  the myth that you are not worthy of living the life that you love. (More details on these myths in the next blog installment).

This week, I invite you to take on three ugly duckling antidotes, in order to remember the gorgeous swan that you are!

Ugly Duckling Antidotes

1)  Write down three qualities or values that are really important to you; not what you do, or what you have, or what you look like. Instead, list the aspects of who you are in the world.

2)   Complete this affirmation with those three aspects, and post it in a visible spot throughout your week: Who I Really Am Is _______________, __________________, and __________________.

3)  Ask three trusted friends to tell you what they love most about you.   Take a deep breath.  Allow their feedback to sink in.  Then ask yourself: What is possible for me, if what they say is true?

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller

Image: Tom Curtis / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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