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We accept and appreciate blog and article submissions of new and existing pieces from passionate, inspiring writers (especially young adults) who wish to share their inspiration and wisdom with The Passions and Possibilities® Network’s audiences (blog, website, and email list). As a charitable nonprofit, we do not offer payment for submissions, although you will receive prominent exposure to our various web audiences, as described below.

Get Exposed to Over 30,000 Passioneer Connections

If accepted, you and your submission will receive home page mention with a brief bio, your picture, and link backs to your website or blog, and we may also feature you on the Network’s blog and email newsletter.  You’ll receive exposure to over 30,000 of our Passioneer connections, including over 12,000 Twitter followers, 10,000 collective Facebook fans/friends, hundreds of Linked-In connections, thousands of blog and website visitors, and readers of the bi-monthly PassionBlast newsletter.  In addition, we may interview you for The Passions and Possibilities Network radio show and/or a Passioneer podcast, with exposure to over 5,000 monthly viewers.

We especially appreciate young adult writers with clear, authentic writing voices, solid research and reporting skills, and who are passionately paying it forward to people and the planet as Passioneers®.  Please be accurate with attention to detail, and we appreciate a fresh look on the topic of giving back in the world with a Passioneer’s perspective (i.e., thriving AND giving back).  We also value book reviews, interviews, reports, audio or video files, on Passioneering topics.  Feel free to submit pieces that are already on your own website (We reserve the right to add commentary before or after your piece).  You may submit one time or on a regular basis.


As a charitable non-profit, The Passions and Possibilities Network currently accepts original or reprinted submissions on a pro-bono basis,  in exchange for attribution and acknowledgment, on our home page.    Naturally, as author, you retain copyrights to all submissions.

Please use the form below with the subject line “Passioneer Query” .  Please summarize, in a couple paragraphs, what you are covering/writing about and why we should include it on our website.  If you are submitting a new query, please include some information about your prior writing experience and one short writing samples (via a link).  If accepted, we’ll request a very brief bio, media picture, and link to your website.

Thank you, and Happy Passioneerinq!


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