Next Gen Passioneers: Adina Mangubat


This week’s Next Gen Passioneer is Adina Mangubat, CEO of Spiral Genetics.  Her goal for Spiral Genetics is to transform the medical industry by making it possible to perform large scale DNA research and discovery.   By making medical care personalized, Adina believes that Spiral Genetics will improve quality of life and expand life expectancy.  She [...]

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Using Your Entrepreneurial Skills to Succeed Anywhere, Anytime


Just read the excellent article Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just a Business Term Anymore; It’s a Way of Life! by Glenn Llopis on how entrepreneurship is changing the face of business. Llopis gives a siren call to companies to become much more outward facing – connecting with the markets, customers, and new trends, instead of focusing too [...]

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Passioneering Moment #12: Setting Intentions, Creating Success


I recently watched a powerful video by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks, the authors of How We Choose to Be Happy and featured presenters in one of the highly-recommended Awakening Joy programs. Foster and Hicks discuss many aspects of setting intentions, especially how we can use them to create what we want in our lives.  [...]

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Discovering What Makes Entrepreneurs Tick


I was recently interviewed by the Koyoti LLC team for its entrepreneurship project.   It involves a series of video interviews with entrepreneurs who answer the following  eight questions: How do you define success? Where did your inspiration come from? How did you move from idea to something succeeding in the market? What would you [...]

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Young Entrepreneurs Share Passioneering Talents in the World

It’s always inspiring to hear about young adult entrepreneurs, isn’t it?   Even more inspiring is to hear about young entrepreneurs who are successfully launching thriving businesses.  The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) recently announced the five winners of its Young Entrepreneur scholarships, including: Dillon Morgan, who creates and sell “fingerboards,” miniature skateboards that you [...]

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Passioneering Moment #11: Walking Your Integrity Talk

anankkl - feet

This Passioneering Moment is on Integrity To me, integrity means wholeness, completeness, and simply honoring your word.   Self-development organizations like Landmark Education define integrity as “planning your work and working your plan.”   Bottom line?  It’s about walking your talk.  I notice how often I choose not to honor my word, especially in today’s chaotic lifestyle.  [...]

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