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&you™ by Johnson and Johnson

&you™ features a free widget that connects individuals with charitable organizations. Users build their custom &you™ widgets in three easy steps to keep them engaged with causes, events and volunteer opportunities near them.

Aromatique Essentials

Aromatique Essentials provides education on Aromatherapy to you! Subjects include home use, pet care, natural beauty,the ever popular create your own 'Scents' and Aromatique energetics.Julie Nelson founder and creative designer of Aromatique Essentials specialises in personalised Natual Beauty and Therapeutic products to suit her clients individual needs and Personalised Perfume Creations especially for 'You' the Individual.

Awakened Planet Healing Consultants

A proven step-by-step system for emotional healing that will help you stop struggling, and start creating the dreams of your future.I am a certified life coach and healer with more than 10 years of coaching, and 15 years of healing and ceremonial practice. I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get back on their feet again after some of the most painful transitions that people can experience. I’ve learned how to get results when traditional therapists have failed. So stop coping & start healing life stresses- you can create the future you want!


CatsEyeWriter gives blog check-ups with prescriptions for improvement, creates unique online bio's across multiple social media platforms and helps bloggers solve their peskiest problems with customized, content-focused blog coaching.

Design your Dream Life with Bertrand Dory

We all have an unique and authentic voice to express ourselves in the world, with our family, with our children, in our work, with our friends. We can all create this fulfilling and joyful life we desire. And I am here to help you finding this voice, this purpose and help you on a journey of finding your true self, own your own power and create the life you desire.

Destiny's Doorstep

Destiny's' Doorstep: Developing the personal power to change your life through professional Astrology readings and consultations. Amazingly accurate! Get your owner's manual and change your life!

Dragonfly Reiki

Dragonfly Reiki is based in Atlanta, GA. Dana Young, Reiki Master Teacher and certified life coach, offers private Reiki and life transformation coaching sessions, donation-based healing clinics, as well as public Reiki and meditation classes and workshops. She has a passion for working with people to enable positive change in their lives, and specializes in working with women to support a healthy pregnancy and post-partum experience.Dragonfly Reiki is a member of the Georgia Birth Network and a professional level supporter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network.

EaarthSeals For Gaia - I have some great pictures of whole earth from space printed up by the million and distribute them to people by donation all around the planet. See website for sizes ~ about one inch, two inch, and now three inch, and suggested guidelines for donations.Quick story behind this: I’d never done anything like this before. I got fired from my job, was living in my car, got woken up by a dream in the middle of the night to make stickers of the Earth; contacted NASA, got permission, gave my life savings to a printer for 88,000 of these; started giving them out, everyone I could think of who might want them; after 23 years, 13 million out, listed in Who is Who in Service to the Earth; been a great project.Best is yet to come: not reached the upper limit of my potential, I say.

Empowerment Enterprises

Empowerment Enterprises offers effective adult skills development programs and success consulting. Our methods employ interactive, collaborative and fun informal learning forums in the areas of Sales, Negotiations and leadership.Call for a free consultation. 425-908-7222

Energy Wizard

All of Life Comes to Me With Ease, Joy and Glory!There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect and store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money; 32 different ones in all. Just by gently touching the Bars you effectively erase everything you have ever stored there. At worst you feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life with out any effort.

Expanded Pathways

Stacy Vajta, MA, owner of Expanded Pathways, is a master energy healer. With over 20 years of experience, she has a unique ability to connect to the subtle energies which shape our lives. Her work not only finds the energetic discrepancies between where people are and where they want to be, but focuses on assisting her clients in accessing new vibrational information to energetically move them to the next level in their healing and spiritual evolution.

Fog to Fire

I’ve been helping people find their deeper sense of purpose for the last three years, professionally. But I’ve been believing in people’s greater gifts all my life.What I love about this work is that I get to show people the loving truths that they don’t yet see about themselves. I get to connect with them about Spirit and meaning.We talk about the deep stuff, we find what’s in the way of living the way they want, and we realign them to their true path.My speciality is making it safe for people to pull their secret spirituality out of their coat pockets and discover trust in their own intuition.

in a leaf

In a leaf supplies fresh organic herbs and specially crafted herbal tea blends to pleasure the senses and harmonise the body, mind and spirit.

Julie Migneault, MBA: Live Your True Path

Julie’s True Path© Coaching Programs have Whether you’re just starting a business or are a seasoned and successful executive, Julie’s True Path© Coaching Programs support you in achieving your dreams and moving your life and business forward. Contact Julie for a FREE 20 Minute consultation to learn more about how YOU can start living more fully and authentically TODAY.

LIGHTROOTS - the healers Healer

I am dediciated to my work in serving others. Particarilly in removing the toxic energy of poverty and chasity held within the electromagnetic field of the awakening Spiritual Beings having a human experience, lightworkers and their loved ones'. As a Shaman Healer I reside within the fabric of Mother Earth and her Elements. My passion and drive resides from Her Direction in freeing her Children (You and I) from the bonds of Slavery and freeing You to express who you really are;a Divine Spiritual Being living within abundance and free to live your bliss, the Creatitive Feminine Force from within You. Namaste

Live your Power

Created by a clinical therapist with a passion for helping people uncover joy and live their purpose, the Live your Power™ program teaches people the tools they need to change their life for the better. Based on neurological and psychological research, the Live your Power™ curriculum takes you on a journey into your mind and body to discover the tools needed to make a positive change in life. In terms anyone can understand, you will uncover how to change habits in your mind, tools for lowering stress, boost self-confidence and increase your personal power. The curriculum is combined with simple, but powerful power tools™ that will help cement these changes in your life.

Mandala Homes

At Mandala Homes we are dedicated to providing exquisite spaces while minimizing the impact on our environment. We ship our homes and buildings worldwide.We partner with our clients in designing and crafting sustainable, energy efficient homes using sustainable materials such as eco-certified wood and non-toxic insulation and finishes. Our homes have a natural and creative appeal and represent a new wave of innovation in green technology and prefabricated home design. Inspired by nature, Mandala’s round home designs are highlighted by an abundance of natural light that spills through our signature central skylight.

Muse Legacy Inc.

I empower people to take control of their futures both financially and personally. I teach people how to implement the infinite banking concept into their life or business, so they can rely on themselves for their financial needs. I also help people take a look at their life plan (or create one) and align it to fit with their passions in life and what they want for their future.

Powerleaps LLC®

I'm a Passions and Possibilities success and career coach who supports bold, inspired individuals and groups in leaping vibrantly into making big contributions in the world. I offer full-spectrum coaching and consulting services, via telephone and in person. Our mission? To prove that when you do what you love AND give back, the rest does follow!!

Prosperity, Passion & Purpose

Transformational life coaching & resources helping women in midlife PROSPER, THRIVE AND SHINE. It's time to remember who you really ARE & create your best life of creativity, abundance & joy!* Affordable home study courses* Group coaching P3 program * Aligning with Abundance prosperity consciousness audio* Individual coaching, intuitive life purpose readings, soul~energy healing * TelAttunements TM - Channeled healings with Archangel Michael that instantly attune you to greater health, wealth & happiness* Business coaching for heart-centered entrepreneurs, from "booked solid" to passive income & financial freedomSage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM Abundance Amplifier & Intuitive HypnoCoachGreat FREE


At Punarnawa Crafts we devise and design a perfect balance between youthful exuberance and ethnic heritage which we call Designgineering™. We involve untapped potential from Rural Odisha which is affected by Naxals (insurgents) and design authentic crafts from Odisha.Mission:To sustain the Identity of Odisha Crafts rich heritage and to protect its culture and history of hand based skills through Research, Design, and Documentation.We believe in the concept of ‘Think Global & Act Local and so this unfathomable yet untouched culture of Odisha has been our motivating factor. Presently we have adopted five villages which are slowly converting themselves into craft clusters.

Puzzle Peace Counseling, LLC

Mental health counseling specializing in helping individuals, couples and families living with special needs. With a focus on mindfulness, self-care and healthy boundaries.

Ripple Kindness Project

The Ripple Kindness Project is passionate about spreading Kindness and Giving, the foundations for positive personal and global change.We believe that kindness has the power to not only change your life for the better but on mass, can lead to amazing transformation within communities and eventually the world. Get your FREE Ripple Kindness Cards today so that you can become part of our Kindness Revolution by sharing kindness and passing on the card to remind others to "pay it forward". We can't do it on our own, but together we can bring peace to our world.Please follow us on facebook!/RippleKindnessCards or read more on our website

Spirit Song Ministry: NW WA Wedding Officiant and Ceremonies

Your marriage/commitment ceremony is a sacred moment in time in which you speak words and exchange promises that will unite your hearts and transform your lives as you step into a new life together as partners.Together, let's create a ceremony that best reflects who you are and what you mean to each other, now and into your future. I help you to create a ceremony which honors your beliefs and desires including: * Spiritual * Religious * Secular * Children and Family * Commitment Ceremonies * Special Circumstances

The Clueberry Book

The Clueberry Book is a gloriously fun and inspiring book for kids! Ever wondered where a negative thought takes you? Ever wondered where a positive thought takes you? This book SHOWS you where! You'll encounter monsters and learn how to face your fears and learn how to stay on track with positive thinking. Check out the "where's waldo" style book cover and find all the cool places mentioned in the book! A tools icon helps kids make connections with parents or educators. Readers enjoy a vibrantly illustrated look at how to tap into the most powerful form of fuel we have: mind power! It's been called "Louise Hay and the Secret for kids" and "A Course in Miracles with a Candyland twist!"

The Harmony Retreat at Mayfield Lake

Rest, relax & recreate in a serene setting that highlights nature’s beauty at this Mayfield Lake getaway, an hour from Mt. Rainier & White Pass Ski Area. Affordable comfort & elegance just 90 min. from Portland & the south Seattle area, yet a world away! The west-facing home has lake views from most of the rooms & from the covered deck. In the evening, watch the sun set over the glistening lake; at night, gaze at the stars shining brightly in the sky, unobstructed by city lights. Soak in the outdoor hot tub, explore the magical garden with its quiet meditative spaces, gather around the firepit. Inside, enjoy the spacious kitchen & cozy fireplace. Small enough for a romantic couples getaway yet fully equipped for families too. Great for small group retreats & getaways.

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